The iPhone XS Max 64GB smartphone has fallen in price again. We tell you about the price reduction

Following the cheaper iPhone 8, the official stores of M. Video, Eldorado, MegaFon and all the others are also reducing the price of the more advanced iPhone XS Max. The latter has slightly worse characteristics and is slightly more expensive.The initial version of the iPhone XS Max cost 59,990$ in December 2020. Now the most favorable price is offered by the MegaFon store, where the minimum price is 59,990$ + discounts for promo codes.The initial value of the device was 65,990$ in 2019. But now the company offers to buy a smartphone for only 59,990$ with a discount of up to 15,000$.In addition, the iPhone XS Max now costs 89,990$, which is slightly cheaper than the iPhone 8.But the most favorable offer is offered by MegaFon, where the minimum price is 89,990$ + discounts for promo codes and promo photos.The initial cost of the iPhone XS Max was 69,990$. Now the company offers to buy for 69,990$ + discounts of up to 15,000$. Which iPhone is selected as the main one is decided at the stage of pre-order.The price of the iPhone XS Max 64GB is $ 799, which is about 6,000$ cheaper.